Our Team of MD1 Donors and Subscribers:

  • Shannon Lenahann
    • Heard about MD1: “from a patient who survived due to your hardwork!”
    • In honor of: Zachary Schlereth
    • Comments/Thoughts: “CentraState Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Department is thankful for the miraculous work of MD1. We donate in honor of Zach’s high school graduation.”
  • David Potischman
  • Connor Crafton-Tempel
  • Nancy Simpkins
  • Stacy Ennis
    • In honor of: Mark Merlin
  • Lori Freudenberger-Nelson
  • Larissa Dudley
  • Autumn Loichle
  • Jim Schatzle
  • Sunao Yamauchi
  • Abby Ruder
    • In the name of: Dr. Mark Merlin
    • Comments/Thoughts: “Your work is so rewarding”
  • Medprep Consulting
  • Jim Schatzle
    • In honor of: Fellow Paramedics | The Staff of TEAM LIFE, INC.
  • James Tanis
    • In the name of: Carol Margaritis
  • Ammundeep Tagore
  • Adam Wolper
  • James Tanis
    • In the name of: the Tanis Family
  • Murray & Sydell Levy
  • Mark Merlin
  • Rod Daynes

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