• Steve Weinman ($500)
    • Heard about MD1: Have had Mark Merlin out to speak to Somerset County EMS providers on several occasions.
    • In honor of: Somerset County EMS Chief Officers Association
    • Comments/Thoughts: The Somerset County EMS Chief Officers Association (SCEMSCOA) is appreciative of the innovation being put forth by the MD1 Program. As a small token of appreciation SCEMSCOA is making a donation to cover the cost of 1 unit of low-titer whole blood with a challenge to other professional pre-hospital provider organizations to do the same.
  • Shannon Lenahann
    • Heard about MD1: “from a patient who survived due to your hardwork!”
    • In honor of: Zachary Schlereth
    • Comments/Thoughts: “CentraState Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Department is thankful for the miraculous work of MD1. We donate in honor of Zach’s high school graduation.”
  • David Potischman
  • Connor Crafton-Tempel
  • Nancy Simpkins
  • Stacy Ennis
    • In honor of: Mark Merlin
  • Lori Freudenberger-Nelson
  • Larissa Dudley
  • Autumn Loichle
  • Jim Schatzle
  • Sunao Yamauchi
  • Abby Ruder
    • In the name of: Dr. Mark Merlin
    • Comments/Thoughts: “Your work is so rewarding”
  • Medprep Consulting
  • Jim Schatzle
    • In honor of: Fellow Paramedics | The Staff of TEAM LIFE, INC.
  • James Tanis
    • In the name of: Carol Margaritis
  • Ammundeep Tagore
  • Adam Wolper
  • James Tanis
    • In the name of: the Tanis Family
  • Murray & Sydell Levy
  • Mark Merlin
  • Rod Daynes
  • Chris Norris
  • Dustin St. George
  • Randall Shain
  • Tarcisio Nunes
  • Zaffer Qasim
  • Springfield First Aid Squad
  • Richard West – Brown, Moskowitz & Kallen, P.C.
  • Sonya Kulczyckyi
  • Brian Marchetti – Blackhorn Consulting, LLC ($5,000)
  • David Schraf
  • Richard Mandelbaum ($5,000)
  • Patrick Hinfey
  • Melissa Campbell
  • Harry Roth
  • Robert Zenenberg
  • Ambu, Inc. ($10,000)
  • Daniel Goltz
  • Matthew Steenberg
  • Simcha Shain ($2,000)
    • In honor of: Dr Mark Merlin
  • Aneila Costa
  • Anonymous ($10,000)
  • 15th District NJ State First Aid Council ($1,000)
  • Jonathan Syby

Our monthly recurring donations:

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